Your Drugs Pharma LLC was established in 2016.

    This is the first company, based in Georgia, which exports the pharmaceuticals (over 20 000 branded medicines) to more than 25 countries. Within few years our company has become a leader exporter of pharmaceuticals in Georgia by providing all kinds of medicines. Our permitted pharmaceutical activity is wholesale of pharmaceutical products including Controlled Drugs. Our Team members are highly experienced professionals whose dedication created the successful cooperation with EU countries , countries of Gulf, UK, African countries and Post Soviet Union countries. Our company's logistics team provides high quality service throughout the world, suitable for the customers' business interests, that is based on employees' teamwork. Our logistics representatives work from office, as well as from the customs terminal. We offer flexible shipping ways (air freight, sea freight, road transportation) of different pharmaceutical products.

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   The Permit Certificate issued by the LEPL Regulation Agency of Medical and Pharmaceutical Activities.

"You Drugs Pharma", was established in 2016. We have been concentrating mainly on the pharmaceutical sector,  This name was chosen,  It was named at the initiative of the founder, In accordance with its activities.





"PROTECT THE LIFE"-slogan expresses the company’s care about the health and safety of its customers.


The basic values of “YOUR DRUGS PHARMA” are
High-quality pharmaceutical products .
Excellent Logistics Service .
Satisfied customers .